Tripawds Virtual Marathon 2024

Join me on the
2024 Tripawds Hop Up Mount Everest!

Ready, get set, hop! The 2024 Tripawds Virtual Race registration is open. We need YOU on #TeamTripawds to help us reach the 2024 Tripawds Foundation Community Fund annual goal. 

Let's tackle this mountain together! Join Team Tripawds for just $20. Half of your race fee goes to Tripawds Foundation.

Help us reach our goal of $4,000!

Don't Feel Like Joining? Donate Instead!

This is one of two major annual fundraisers for Tripawds Foundation programs. It builds awareness and keeps programs like the Tripawds Amputation Surgery Assistance Program going strong. 

Hop, Skip, Walk, Run and Race for Tripawds Everywhere

Most activity counts toward your climb up Mount Everest.

Just shake your booty and get physical doing what you love.
Many activities qualify as "miles" that get you to the top.

Tripawds Activity Conversion

Every mile you log in the Racery App appears as a point on the map between South Base Camp and the peak of Mount Everest. It's a fun way to imagine you and your Tripawds community climing that big rock together!

Tripawds Mount Everest Climb

Share your progress with family, friends, and followers so we can raise more money to help 3-legged heroes.

Join us, get some exercise, and help Tripawd heroes. Thanks for being part of this epic event!

$2,031 already raised!


email with any questions!